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Save $250 towards the purchase of a Linc
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What is Linc?
Linc is an all in one digital cooking assistant. Linc learns who you are and learns what you like and dislike. Linc will walk you through recipes step by step, keep you on track with your diet and so much more.
Linc Features
  • Make substitutions based on allergies, religion or health
  • Helps you lose weight
  • Creates meal plans
    Step by step video recipe walk-throughs
    Grocery list tracking
    Adjust recipes to your liking
    Meals cooked to your desired doneness
    Customizable spice containers
  • And many more

What does Linc come with?


20 spice containers that is fully customizable.  

Measuring bowl with laser guided scale
Cutting board that doubles as a flat weighing surface

Digital wireless thermometers that is both waterproof and color coded

Adjustable measuring spoon

Large touchscreen display

Voice controlled with speakers



Simplify your kitchen with Linc


Are your spices thrown in a cupboard? Is it hard to find them? Are your measuring bowls and spoons hard to find? Do you have food thermometers? Linc has these and many more in one easy device.


See how Linc can help you lose weight.
Dietary Restriction
Shopping for foods that you are allowed to eat is hard. With more people developing sensitivity to food allergens, health restriction and personal preferences it is hard to keep track and find substitutions
Linc will learn your restrictions and adjust your recipes to ensure that you can find the right ingredients locally or ship it to your home.

Linc Progress

Will Linc cook the food for me?
No. Linc will guide you through selecting, shopping, prepping, cooking. Linc will make you cook like a professional chef


Frequently Asked Questions

Linc is the iPhone of the kitchen. It just does everything.
This is the best thing since the microwave to be invented for the kitchen

Stage 1
Developing the idea
Stage 2
Validating it with customers
Stage 3
Designing the product
Stage 4 (Currently)
Collecting email addresses
Stage 5
Manufacture Linc based on demand






Does Linc have a smartphone app
Yes. Linc will always be with you to remind you when to take steps ahead of time. Show you your shopping list and so much more.
How much does Linc cost?
We currently do not have pricing and based on demand and your support we can negotiate a better price with our manufacturer. Please submit your email address at the top to show your support.
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